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Flanellebook Launch: Celebrating a creative global collaboration
January 15, 2017
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Mark January 26, 7 pm on your calendars: it’s the launch of FlanelleBook, and that’s a party you won’t want to miss! Kroy and Ryan Playground will be at the decks to bring the good times to the Musée d’art contemplorain de Montréal, where there’ll be photobooths, video projections and lots of delicious drinkies. It will also, most importantly, be the first opportunity to see the limited-edition copy of FlanelleBook, a matte-covered, velvety smooth 150-page tome full of fashion photography by world-class talent (see our previous interviews for more deets) put out by the folks at lifestyle magazine Flanelle. Created in collaboration with Folio, its profits will be donated to the Foundation of the Musée d’art contemporain.

In anticipation of launch day, we sat down with Flanelle founder Sarah-Eve Leduc and the book’s creative director, Vanessa Daly, to find out, among other things, whether this coffee-table book would be the first of many. 

How did the FlanelleBook project come about?

Sarah-Eve: Well, funnily enough I’d first conceived of Flanelle as a book, but as I worked on the first issue years ago now it turned into a bi-annual magazine. So in a way the FlanelleBook is like turning back time.

And then you came across Sid Lee Collective?

Yes, I heard about Sid Lee Collective when I started working at Sid Lee. One day I fell upon a super creative fashion editorial – I can’t remember where I found it, but it was really raw, the photos were barely edited, there was writing all over the models’ bodies – nothing was perfect and that was perfect to me. I right away sent it to Sarah and was like “let’s make a book!”

Sarah-Eve: I instantly loved the idea – it sparked my imagination right away. But we couldn’t have made it happen without our amazing team.

Vanessa: Yes. Our incredible art director Garrett Naccarato, Lindsay Cooper, who wrote all the texts, Catherine Cloutier – a knockout producer/coordinator who made 14 shoots happen in two weeks! We’re talking all the artists, all the models, with shoots happening in Paris, Berlin, New York State, Poland and Montreal… and we also couldn’t have done it without Folio, who were super generous and provided great artists and gorgeous models.

How do you come up with the theme for the book, Unity?

Vanessa: We chose Unity because we wanted to unify the contrasting elements of softness and edge that represents the Flanelle aesthetic – plus it’s such a collaborative project, we really wanted to reflect that. Everyone worked so hard on it, from the bookers to the photographers.

Considering it’s a volunteer project, how do you think you got everyone to jump onboard so enthusiastically?

Sarah-Eve: I don’t know, but people were so into participating! I mentioned it to a photographer one day, and two hours later we were on the phone and he was on his way to shop for props for his full-fledged idea.

Do you think this will be the first of many Flanelle books?

Sarah-Eve: We sure would love it. We did write “volume 1” on the spine of this one. We’re definitely open to future projects. 

Written by Isa Tousignant

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