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Desert Glitch profile: FVCKRENDER
May 11, 2017
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FvckRender is a self-taught digital artist from Montreal. That’s almost all the info we could get out of him, but that’s ok because he makes some pretty cool shit. We chatted with him in advance of Desert Glitch, the Sid Lee Collective collaboration with 12 Galaxies  that is premiering at Chromatic Festival


How did you get involved with the 12 Galaxies collective?


At first, Brendan (from 12 Galaxies) contacted me via Instagram and explained me his project. I fell in love with the idea and quickly jumped on the project.


What’s in your inner space?


Hmmm, in my inner space? That’s a good question. I feel there’s a lot of empty space/not visited place and this is where I want to go everyday. 


What are you contributing to Desert Glitch?


I'm doing some animation.


Who or what are you inspired by these days?


I'm really inspired by Moebius and everything on Pinterest haha


What’s next?

 More visuals for shows, more VR and more concept art! 

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