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Refuge artist profile: SARAH DI DOMENICO
March 22, 2017
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Montreal-based and former Sid Lee-r, Sarah Di Domenico, is another contributing “artist” for project Refuge. Artist is in quotes as Di Domenico does not see herself as artist, but a mix of an idea person and creative entrepreneur. Read on to find out about what is rooted in her work and about her concept behind two of her contributing projects for Refuge.

Sarah Di Domenico is a proud immigrants' daughter, creative director, brand designer, and optimist who currently resides in Montreal, Canada and works everywhere. Her curiosity sits where culture, social conversation, emotional experience, optimism and humanity collide. Find her on IG @ideacollector.

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Une publication partagée par sarah di domenico (@ideacollector) le


How do you describe yourself and the work that you do?


I'm an optimist, brand designer and conceptual experience designer. The work I do is largely emotion and purpose based which typically asks, "what do you want to make someone feel?" Emotion rooted in truth. I mainly work with brands, startups and businesses to pinpoint their purpose, build their world, and/or evoke their essence in any form/touchpoint possible, through design and communication. I am not an artist. I'm an idea person and creative entrepreneur who often thinks like one. I make side projects, like this. And I'm pretty much always smiling :)


What are you exhibiting at this show? What are you trying to accomplish with it?


Two projects rooted in the fact that this nation is built on immigrants. First, a jacket that's part of a larger collection with the slogan WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS. The coats are all sourced from iconic vintage Americana brands (LEVIs, GAP, Hilfiger) originally made by foreign workers. Second, I am showing a print that's part of a wider series (Immigrant Icon). Some of America's most famous icons are born from immigrants' children, for example, Homer Simpson (created by Matt Groening, the son of a German pa and Norwegian ma). Homer's mouth is used as typography to spell I-M-M-I-G-R-A-N-T. I want people to be proud of their roots, respect difference and think about how much more powerful collision in culture makes us, as a collective.


How is creativity used as a weapon to protect civil liberties.


Creativity illuminates truth. Truth awakens understanding, empathy, and fights for what's right. This unites us, rallies us, and can be a powerful catalyst for innovation, invention, and ideas that shift change and breed betterment. Creativity is a champion of good.


How do you see your role as an artist in these increasingly fucked up times? 


The times we're presented with are an opportunity to step up and use our creative power to make things that matter. Make more good. Be a positive force. Elevate. My role is to help brave clients do that. Give them that good energy. Inspire and excite. And that's empowering as ever.


Who are you looking to for inspiration these days?


Us Blah + Me Blah. I could tell you about it or you can see for yourself :)

Written by Diane Paik

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