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Refuge artist profile: MOGOLLON
March 13, 2017
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Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artists, Mónica Brand & Francisco López founded Mogollon as a multidisciplinary creative collaboration in 2004. Mogollon is always looking to combine creative disciplines by working across the fields of design, art and commerce sometimes with the intention of blurring the lines that divide them.

We caught up with them to get to know the duo a bit better, learn the correct pronunciation of "Mogollon," and understand the work they're contributing to the upcoming Sid Lee Collective event, Refuge. Check it out below!


How do you describe yourself and the work that you do?


Mogollon (pronounced mo-go-john) is a Spanish word for Plenty or Abundance. We’re a creative consultancy and design duo known for our holistic approach at producing work across virtually any field and medium. Our work fluctuates between art and design and is very much influenced by music, film and our love for ancient cultures.


What are you exhibiting at this show? What are you trying to accomplish with it?


We made an installation comprised by a mirror totem and two flags that spell the words “Ancient, human, land, hombre, welcome." We were thinking about how all humans come from the same ancestors, how we all share the same ancestry, the same roots. We were also thinking about the symbol of the totem as a primal representation of the clan, the family, the group. The shapes and forms that we utilized in our design come from primitive objects like megaliths, monoliths, ancient pottery and such. “Neoprimalism” is the name that we’ve given to this design approach that we are exploring. Through this piece we are trying to channel the idea that there is a primal explanation to the expression “human family” that we have forgotten about. We all come from the same source.

Neoprimalism #mogollon #neoprimalism

Une publication partagée par MOGOLLON (@mogollonny) le


For you, how is creativity used as a weapon to protect civil liberties?


Creativity helps us see things from unexpected angles, to make connections between what seem unrelated subjects. Therefore Creativity can be instrumental at shining light over new questions and answers. 


How do you see your role as an artist in these increasingly fucked up times?


We feel a responsibility to speak up and not be indifferent to what’s going on. It is in times like this that we feel a stronger call to be present and act. We are been forced to look at things that we were used to ignore; we can not longer remain passive about them. The most powerful tool we have to communicate how we feel is our creative work, so we intent to use it as our way to connecting with others and continue the conversation that needed to start so long ago.


Who are you looking to these days for inspiration?


We are currently very inspired by the work of Ellsworth Kelly, Francis Picabia, Constantin Brancusi and all the ancient meghallites, monolites formations, dolmens, totemic representations and stone monuments that exist in the world; as well as the most basic geometric forms and colors.

Written by Diane Paik

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