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Real Scary: Sid Lee Toronto and WWF-Canada bring real life monsters out of the shadows
October 25, 2016
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Halloween is the time of year our greatest fears come to life, with monsters, vampires, boogiemen, and the like crawling out of our imagination and into the street.

But these monsters are nothing more than constructs of our imagination. And there are things happening all around us, all the time, that are far scarier and a lot more real than a monster. That’s why, this Halloween, Sid Lee Toronto partnered with WWF-Canada to raise awareness about the environmental monsters we all face, every day.

 “Real Scary Masks” is a project that sees the dangers of Overfishing, Factory Farming, Oil Spills, and Pesticides brought to life in the form of grotesquely terrifying Halloween masks.

The damage humans are doing to the planet is much scarier than any imaginary monster. Kids seem to know this better than adults, and Halloween night felt like the perfect time to spark a conversation about what they are truly scared of.

The masks will be up for exhibition and purchase on October 26th, at Rally Ossington (12 Ossington) in Toronto from 6pm-12am, and all the money raised from the event will go directly to the WWF-Canada to help educate and combat these environmental threats.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to stop in at Rally to see each monster brought to life and make a donation.

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