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Enter The Cinematic Mindscape of Clement Guegan
May 26, 2016
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Clément is a French expat living in Montréal. We’re sitting in a meeting room at Sid Lee with his portfolio and a voice recorder, chatting about his photo “Only The Winds” (the green balloons above).  It was just selected out of 1500 artworks via public vote at Art Here - a competition by Newad that will have his photograph displayed across Canada. “I wanted to represent that calm moment, when we are just ourself, when no one is around, when we are just peaceful…” he explains thoughtfully.

Observing Clément Guégan’s photography is like wanderlusting through of a cinematic dreamscape - at turns mischievous and quizzical, haunting and wistful. They evoke a restrained surrealism, subtlety emotional with one foot in reality, one foot in reverie.

Flipping through his portfolio, “Only The Winds” stands in contrast to a series called “Falling” - a perilous collection that strikes a personal chord with me. Snapshots suspended with trepidation. “Yeah there are dark themes… I need to express that dark side to just leave it somewhere. I take my fears and bad moments into something surreal that express what I’m feeling.”

Clément is only 25 years old, but has already crafted an impressive body of work. Many of his greatest works were the fruits of a daunting photography project he took on out of passion for this craft: Produce one photo a day for one year. 365 consecutive creations. Spoiler alert: He didn’t succeed. Instead he learned a valuable lesson: quality trumps quantity. Clément made it to 144 photos. “The thing is… it’s too hard to take a photo a day. There is lots of fluctuation in creative waves. Sometimes I was making good pictures, sometimes no, and I reached the point where I was taking too many bad pictures because of the pressure I had put on myself."


It was a great exercise in craft and personal discovery though - and something that anyone looking to start a passion project could learn from: Throw yourself deep into a project. Challenge yourself. Push your limits. After you’ve learned the discipline and habit of creating, then adjust to what feels right. “Creativity is like a muscle that must be trained” Clément continues. “If you don’t do it too often, you loose the reflex.”

Now Clément prefers to take his time on his photos. From concept, to execution, it’s a process that perhaps only he will ever fully understand. For the rest of us, we can watch the visual results and unpack what we can from his world:


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