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Cleanless for Seamless
August 10, 2016
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With over 23,000 restaurants across New York City, the search for the perfect meal has left some of us feeling overwhelmed with options and underwhelmed with quality. Though reviews, pricing, and cuisine types have helped advance this pursuit both in-person and online, there is literally one deciding factor on which we can truly trust our gut: restaurant sanitary grades.

 Since Sid Lee Collective believes that every New Yorker should know the truth about their favorite delivery places, we created a chrome extension called Cleanless to bring storefront sanitary grades to Seamless. The extension automatically displays restaurant sanitary grades at the click of a chef’s hat, mining data from New York City’s Department of Health and Mental hygiene (DOHMH) open data site.


  “Being no stranger to the late night agency life with the added ingredient of adult onset hypochondria, I’ve become both a regular and paranoid user of Seamless,” said Warren Seuradge, a strategist at Sid Lee New York. “I actually began to manually check NYC’s open sanitation records and cross-referenced health inspection grades. Then, the idea came to me that we should build a Chrome extension that engages citizens with public data and keeps Seamless in-the-know about restaurants with unsearchable listings by name.”

This simple idea was executed as a visually appealing way to democratize open data, giving New Yorkers insight into whether their favorite hole-in-the-walls received an A, B, C, or Grade Pending in their last two restaurant inspections. The extension also flags whether or not a restaurant could be a “ghost restaurant,” which means it cannot be found by name in the DOHMH’s online records.

“I really like ideas that solve everyday problems in a simple way,” said Dan Brooks, Executive Creative Director of Sid Lee New York. “Cleanless is exactly that. Restaurant grades live in the physical world, so why not online?”

 So, go ahead. Stay hungry and be your naughty, foodborne illness-free self. Download Cleanless for Seamless today from the Chrome Store.


Written by Diane Paik


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