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Naro Pinosa: No Script, Just Play
April 20, 2016
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“Naro Pinosa is fiction, lie ... A game about reality, where your only tool is your head and your imagination. It does not take a script, although he would like... Just play with images."

This is what the mysterious Naro Pinosa (Instagram collage artist superstar) answered when I asked him:

“Your collages play with the shapes of human bodies contrasted with the shapes of everyday objects, often creating a powerful narrative when the two are fused together. What’s your creative process? How did this aesthetic arise? WHO ARE YOU?”


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on

The response is like Naro Pinosa’s collages: Startlingly basic, but undeniably alluring. In examining his imaginative collage work, I end up unpacking a lot of meaning from them. So do passion projects need a creative process? This project doesn’t follow any script, it’s simply… playing with pictures. Like when you were a child, and you did just to do.


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on

There’s something about these collages that strike a chord. Maybe it’s the study in architectural shapes: Breasts mashed up with minarets.


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on


Maybe it’s the political irony: A boy in a compromising position, his head gagged down over a praying Pope.


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on

Maybe it’s the censored eroticism: A still from a hardcore gay pornography split with medical training equipment.


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on

We’re living during a time where there’s debate of what is appropriate content for social networks. What is offensive? What is sex? What is art? Who’s calling the shots? Chelsea Handler got banned from Instagram for posting her boobs, because it’s considered too lurid for women to bare their nipples. During this time the #FreeTheNipple movement took hold, with women posting pictures of their chest, but with their nipples covered up with cut outs of male nipples, effectively trumping the Instagram censors.

“Censorship has become a game,” Naro Pinosa reflects.  “You never know when an image can be objectionable.  At first I was angry now even what I can come to understand.” 


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on

Over 130,000 Instagramers agree that Naro Pinosa’s art is onto something. I number I’ve seen grow from 90,000 over only a few months. Don’t call him internet famous though.

“I do not consider myself famous lol ... It would be ridiculous for me. It's just I need an escape simply by switching off.”


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on

The definition of a passion project. Not doing it for the money, doing it because it’s your little escape from life. A time to just play. It could be in this space where you find your true calling as an artist.

My final question for Naro Pinosa asked a hypothetical: “If you could make a collage self-portrait, what would it look like?” His answer was either mysteriously cryptic or lackadaisically vague: “Would many colors on a dark base ... but above all many colors.” 

Let’s not talk then, let’s just look:


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on


A photo posted by Minsoart (@naropinosa) on


Written by James Alexander Dunphy

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