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Two Bros Are Better Than One
April 8, 2016
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It’s been said that collaboration breeds creativity and, while not all of us play well with others, working solo can be limiting.

Because when you think about it, the things we create, be it music, art, film, fashion, or organic vegan butter sculptures if that’s your thing, they’re generally shaped by our interests, tastes and personal experiences. Sadly our all-powerful creative minds can really only bring so much to the table on their own. But when we collaborate with other people, they bring their own experiences into the fold, which can lead to new and innovative ideas, like gluten-free organic vegan butter sculptures. And who wouldn’t want one of those, amiright?!?

Collaboration is nothing without chemistry. You just can’t force it. But when it does work out, when it happens naturally, it can lead to some pretty interesting work. That seems to be one of the major premises for Twin BroBro, which is made up of two Ramen-loving, New York city slickers: Maclean Jackson (writer) and Stephen K. Schuster (artist and photographer). It all started back in 2006 when the two of them were working at Mass Appeal Magazine. At the time, Jackson was a Lifestyle Editor and Editor in Chief while Schuster was a Photo Editor.

“Those were great experiences where we worked together well and made each other better,” explains Jackson. Eventually they both left their respective posts, but stayed in touch, sharing their side projects with each other and preserving the friendship. By 2011, Twin BroBro started to take shape. 

“TBB evolved out of [our] collaborative friendship at Mass Appeal,” says Shuster. “We were both helping each other with personal projects for years after – Maclean Living in Portland doing WK12, me going to grad school in New York…  and when Mac moved back to NY we zoned in on working more together.”

“We talked about working on a project together, which became Waves,” adds Jackson. “It was a pretty natural collaboration for me: Stephen knows a lot of people, we were comfortable working together, we wanted to collaborate with many other people, it worked out well. It was definitely something we couldn’t have done without the friends we worked with or each other.”

For Maclean and Stephen, Twin BroBro was really just about experimenting, an opportunity to make things together and to collaborate with other people who were making work that they loved. They were able to offer some great insights into how they approached their projects.

“I’d say that our collaborations at mass appeal fostered a really god working relationship,“ says Shuster. “We had the opportunity to make a couple of different types of editorials, together and also with other talented people. Twin BroBro is really a way for us to collaborate with each other and make cool, informative fun things with other smart creative people.”

“I think anything we do, we’re trying to explore. That being said, sometimes that’s stripping things back. I think we’re both very sensitive and aware people, because of where we grew up, our families and our interests,” says Jackson. “So we’re not going to experiment just for the sake of experimenting necessarily, but more getting things to a place that feels different, refreshing, and original.”

A quick scroll though Twin BroBro reveals a breadth of cool projects and subject matter, from magazines, to books, film, advertising and everything in between. Each project offers a glimpse into the unconventional creative playground that exists between their ears, shaped by their experiences, their curiosity and their collaborations with other people outside of Twin BroBro. I asked what inspired their work. 

“Mostly I think we are making things, and helping friends make things we’d love to see,” says Jackson. “Not things we want to make, but things we’d love to see. There’s a big difference.

But as people who grew up very curious and into a lot of different things, all that inspired us. From music to vandalism to sports to movies. Anything that we’ve experienced that’s had an effect on us, from people to situations, I think informs the work. We have a lot to pull from as far as experiences.”

Written by Cameron Hudson

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