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100 Days of Creativity
April 15, 2016
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Meet Rene-Charles Arseneau and Ashley Olivieri, creative couple extraordinaire.

Not only are they artistically driven for a living, Rene-Charles is an Art Director at Dentsubos and Ashley is a graphic design student at Dawson, but they push each other to continue the creativity after clocking out of the 9 to 5 (okay let’s be real it’s advertising, the 9 to wheneverthefuckyouredone). One such way is their current challenge: 100 Days of Creativity. 

Q: So guys, what exactly is the 100 Days of Creativity?

RC: A great exercise to get your juices flowing.

A: It all started with Michael Bierut. He was teaching a design class at Yale and gave this assignment to his students. Essentially the challenge was to create something new everyday for 100 days. Repeat the same action (creatively) and document it.

Q: Who came up with idea?

A: I heard about it from a fellow student, and got so excited!!! I had done it once before, but was really curious about sharing the experience with Rene.

What’s been your favourite theme so far? Can we see some of the results?

RC: Animals.

A: Nude. Not nude animals.

Why do you feel it’s important to stay creative/have passion projects in your free time?

RC: It’s very good for your mental health.

A: I think it really helps to break up a work day – 
having something that isn’t super serious, with the intent to just have fun.

What does it mean for your relationship to do this together?

RC: It’s amazing to have a chance to share my life and passion with someone.

A: Like going on a trip somewhere, doing a project that we can both experience and enjoy definitely helps us to grow together and learn more about each other! Especially at the beginning of a relationship when you’re just starting to get to know the other person.

In 5 words or less, describe the other person’s drawing/creative style. 

RC: Clever. Vibrant. Free.

A: Funny! Controlled. Thought out. Clean.

How does this kind of challenge affect your creativity at work or school? Does it make you a better creative?

 RC: Maybe not, but it prevents me from getting rusty.

A: It defiantly makes me more confident.

In one word this challenge as been __________?

RC: Fun.

A: Challenging!

Have you ever skipped a day? What happens if you do? Is there a punishment? ;)

RC: Yeah sometimes I have to do 8 on Sunday to keep up to speed.

A: He’s lazy… ¯\_()_/¯   

What was your favourite drawing the other person did? Why? Can we see it?

RC: Obviously the first one, I liked to see how differently we saw the same constraint.

A: He did this really nice continuous line drawing. The forms, the lines, the look! YESSSS. It’s just really good.

Rene-Charles' favourite drawing
Ashley's favourite drawing

Do you guys have other side projects on the go?

RC: Embroidering. Actually I did it once.

A: And we’re thinking about adopting a turtle. We’re gonna call him Pizza.  

What’s the biggest challenge about this challenge?

RC: Kicking yourself in the butt. 

A: Being confident that my work was nice enough to show.

What’s your favourite thing about this challenge?

RC: Kicking myself in the butt.

A: Seeing what Rene can do. 

Do you have any tips for people wanting to embark on this kind of creative endeavour?

RC: For me it was buying the art supplies. Once I had 'em I just had to use 'em.

A: We only have so much time on this earth, might as well spend it with who you love, doing what you love.

Once you get into it, it becomes more about pushing yourself to do something new everyday.  

You guys are both so busy, how do you make sure you have time to be creative after work/school?

RC: It’s just so fun once you get into it that you just make time.

A: Just make time.

If you had to pick a creative super hero name for the other person what would it be?

RC: Jeez Louize

A: Banana Boy 

So, what’s next for the creative couple extraordinaire?

RC & A: Doing more projects together. Find ways to challenge ourselves creatively. 

Why not start a 100 Days of Creativity challenge with someone you know? It could be your partner, a friend, a relative, your cat (however you might have to change the parameters a little bit for Mr. Fluffington). Or why not embark on a solo mission? Shake it up. Make it you own. Follow your personal vision. Do a writing challenge, a musical challenge, a nature challenge, or even a dance challenge. Creativity is all around us, and what’s inspiring about this idea is that it gives us that extra little bit of motivation to find a little piece of passion in our day-to-day lives.

Written by Alyssa Free

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