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Proudly wasting time and money since 1993, Sid Lee Collective is a creative incubator that helps fund, produce and exhibit passion projects of fearless, global artisans. No matter the day job, we believe everyone benefits from pursuing collaborative creative projects you love. That’s why everyone at Sid Lee gets up to 10% of their time to make passion projects happen.


Sid Lee Collective Blog is devoted to sharing our collaborations, stories of inspiring creatives, and community events too. Content and creative direction comes from the Sid Lee ateliers in Montreal, Toronto, Paris, LA and NYC.


If you have a collaboration in mind or a story that should be told, drop us a line.

Sid Lee Collective is also an active member of C2 Montréal, the largest innovation conference in the world.

Refuge artist profile: RYAN DUFFIN
Ryan Duffin is an artist based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in Vice, Bloomberg Businessweek, and FT Magazine. Alongside editorial content, Ryan’s projects think about the influence of queerness and screen-based technology on contemporary worldviews.
March 15, 2017
Making Madness: Behind­-the-­Scenes of the Super Collaborative SLC Video Shoot.
The sun was still snoozing at the start of shoot day. 6am marked call time at Sid Lee's event slash production slash brainstorm slash party space, le 8 Queen.
April 10, 2016
Refuge artist profile: Slow Factory
Celine Samaan of Slow Factory spoke with us about how she created a label that’s focused on conscientious work around the socio-political atmosphere as well as environmental. Her fashion activism is beautiful on display, but even more powerful in meaning. Read about how she incorporated her work in the project, Refuge.
March 16, 2017

We’re a creative incubator that helps fund, produce and exhibit passion projects of fearless artisans around the world.

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